Sponsor a Show

It takes a lot of time and money to stage a production.  Most of our shows have a budget of more than $150k!

If you would like to a be a patron of the arts, and have time, money, sponsorship or resources that you would like to offer to help see more great works produced, then we would love to hear from you. 

Your patronage of our productions is our main source of funding, so if you wish to help the company, and have a fabulous night out, then your attendance and word of mouth is one of the greatest things you can do to assist!


Where your money goes...


There are multiple ways that you can support the company.

If you wish to be donate general funds - then that is wonderfully generous of you!  Other ways you can assist is in the purchase of costumes, lighting and sound equipment, set pieces, props etc.

To give you an idea of where your donation will go:

$20 Donation

This amount will go towards purchasing make-up for a performer.

$50 Donation

Will go towards buying a prop for an upcoming show.  Searching for props, especially for period specific pieces, can be a fiddly and time consuming task.

$100 Donation

This amount would help purchase one standard costume for a performer.  A performer may have up to 6 or 7 costume changes in a show!

$500 Donation 

Will go towards the purchase of set materials.  Scenery and set pieces can be prolific in a show, and vary in range of sizes and materials.

$1000 Donation

Will go towards purchasing a microphone.  Every performer in our show wears a microphone - sometimes two just in case one fails! Across a cast of 24 performers, this sound bill can really add up.

$2000 Donation

Would go towards paying the wages of one of our performers.  At Mad About Theatre we believe in paying all our performers, involved in every show. Performers are paid on a tiered rate based on the involvement of the role and the time that involvement takes.

$5000 Donation

Well with this amount we'll just love you forever! Donations of this amount (or more) make huge contributions to entire departments within a show!

Purchase a ticket!


Of course, the other way you can support the company is to purchase tickets to our shows!  We are a privately funded company, so are ineligible for grants and government sponsorship.  Subsequently our main source of income to fund our shows is through ticket sales! 

So to help the arts, and have a fabulous night out, purchasing a ticket for one of our upcoming productions is a win for all! 


If you wish to make a donation...

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If you wish to make a donation, of any amount, please Contact Us to discuss how to arrange payment and recognition for such.